Heaven is a place when I'm near you
Heaven is the time we spend alone
Heaven is the one who you can turn to
And Heaven's where your heart feels at home

Heaven knows I'm a little bit crazy for you
Heaven knows I don't know what to do
Heaven only sees the light come shining
And heaven knows I see the light in you

Heaven is a place of trust and giving
Heaven is the arms that hold you, hold you so tight
Heaven is unspoken understanding
And heaven is a world when all is right

Heaven is the touch of soft and tender
Heaven is to know you're by my side
Heaven is the comfort of your shoulder
And heaven is forever in your eyes   

Lead vocals: Ruthann Schulman Baler
Harmony: Lori Diamond   
Bass: Fred Abatelli
Acoustic guitar: Fred Abatelli
Drums: Mike Carlucci

A special thank you to Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli for envisioning a new arrangement and their artistic contributions to this song.


© February 2012  Ruthann Schulman Baler