The creation of this album and CD release show would not be possible without the support and creative insight & contributions of the following musicians, artists, and poets. 

My deepest gratitude to:

Sam Baler -- lead guitar & piano

Mike Carlucci -- drums --

Fancy Al Cath -- pedal steel / mando guitar / acoustic guitar

Rich DelVecchio -- banjo
Hillbilly Pop

Perry Desmond-Davies -- background vocals

Lori Diamond -- background vocals / piano & Fred Abatelli -- bass

Alec Francesconi -- co-producer, recording/mix engineer
Electric Treehouse Studios --

Joe Fredette -- lead guitar / background vocals

Judy Giovangelo -- vocals
Founder and president of Ben Speaks:

Kim Jennings -- background vocals

Laura Jolly -- Photographer

Chris Joyce -- keyboard

Jessica Schulman Kythas -- artist/ album design

Jon and Patti McAuliffe, who will be kicking off the show! 

Cheryl Perreault -- spoken word artist & special performance at CD release show

Gina Praino -- background vocals

Magic Dave Roberts -- bass --

Les Sampou -- background vocals

Craig Sonnenfeld --  singer-songwriter -- special performance of Heart of a Man at CD release show

Bill Thibodeau -- poet -- special performance of Two Directions at CD release show
Lyrics: Two Directions and Rivers & Trains

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A special thank you to photographers Laura Jolly, Dan Tappan  and Denise Bass.

CD release photo.jpg